Top 5 Best Power-Ups of all Time

06 November 2007 | top5

5. Red Turtle Shell (Mario Kart) – while some may argue that some of the newer power-ups usurp the red turtle shell, nothing beat it back in the original Mario Kart. It was the prized possession in nearly every race and battle. In fact, Battle Mode in the original Mario Kart was little more than a race to get Red Turtle Shells.

4. Rings (Sonic) – How great was Sonic the first time you played it? The only way you could die was to get hit without any rings! Sonic’s Iconic Rings (unlike Marios Coins) gave you more than just an extra life, they provided protection, allowed you to reach Bonus Stages, and ultimately lead to Sonic’s true potential: Super Sonic.

3. Super Pellet (Pac-Man) – Game Changer, that’s how you describe the Pac Man Pellet. Once Pac-Man got a hold of this power-up the game changed from defense to offense. Now the tables had turned and the Ghosts were afraid of YOU!

2. Super Mushroom (Mario Bros.) – For many, this is the very first power-up they ever received in a video game. The super mushroom actually changed your appearance on screen and allowed you to break blocks and kill enemies. You feel defenseless without it in SMB. One of the most iconic power-ups available, this one has to be near the top.
1. The 1-Up – By far the most common power-up, this old guy was found in nearly every game until the 32 bit era when game saves became standard. It still is found in some games to this day. Truly the greatest power-up of all time, 1-ups give you everything from an extra couple minutes on an old coin-op to that extra chance you need in Contra or Ninja Gaiden.

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