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MotorStorm PS3 Mini Review

MotorStorm for Playstation 3 remains a gorgeous looking game and really boils down to this: It’s an intense racing title with gorgeous graphics, a great variety of vehicles, and a bunch of levels and tracks that all look very similar. I understand that Motor Storm takes place in an undisclosed desert and is an undersground […]

Retro Review: Atari Asteroids

You can play asteroids above for yourself. The above is a pretty spot-on translation of the 80s Arcade classic. It seems even more appropriate to review Asteroids since it was just released to Xbox Live Arcade. Asteroids was surely one of the best games for the Atari 2600. The game gave you more control over […]

Switchball Mini-Review

Switchball is one of the best looking XBLA titles available (I think Undertow beats it, but that’s it). In addition, it is also a very entertaining and rewarding game. I guess you would call Switchball a puzzle game, but you certainly need some platforming skills to successfully roll your ball to the exit. The gamplay […]

Undertow Live Arcade Mini Review

In short, Undertow is a steal at 800 MS points so enjoy and download away! THE GOOD:3 Different Races, 4 different unitsInteresting Single Player Campaign/Story Gorgeous Graphics 16 Player Multiplayer (with bots) Co-Op Story mode online and split screen Easy to learn Controls Deep Strategy Fantastic Balance and Map Design THE BAD: Campaign is too […]

EXIT Xbox Live Arcade Mini Reveiw

Exit follows Mr. Esc as he attempts to help adults, children, and injured people find an escape to natural disaster situations. There are over 220 levels and of course the standard 200 achievement points. The game is a worthy and interesting platformer / puzzler. It’s graphics and artistic style are great and the sound/music offering […]

Band of Bugs: Red Kingdom Mini Review

Please see our main review for Band of Bugs HERE since this will only address the new content available in Red Kingdom. So Band of Bugs had a great single player experience, but after I tore through the campaign, I found that online matches were few and far between. Lucky for me, NinjaBee just released […]