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Saints Row 2 Review

Saints Row 2 is the sequel to the popular GTA clone, Saints Row by Volition. It picks up right where the first one left off, with your character waking up from a coma after an explosion ended the first game with a literal bang. New gamers shoudn’t worry because SR2’s story is entirely self-contained (all […]

Kudos 2 Review

Kudos 2 is the sequel to Positech Games life simulator game, Kudos. The game puts you in control of making your character’s everyday decisions from their 20th birthday to their 30th. If you are familiar with Kudos, then you definitely know what to expect in the sequel. Not much has changed since the first one […]

World of Goo Review

World of Goo is the first game from Indie Game Studio, 2D Boy. Founded by Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, 2D Boy’s goal (according to their website) is to “make games that everyone can play, with gameplay nobody has seen before.” Well, they have certainly met this goal with World of Goo. World of Goo […]

Switchball Mini-Review

Switchball is one of the best looking XBLA titles available (I think Undertow beats it, but that’s it). In addition, it is also a very entertaining and rewarding game. I guess you would call Switchball a puzzle game, but you certainly need some platforming skills to successfully roll your ball to the exit. The gamplay […]

The Orange Box XBOX360 Review

Let’s sum this review up:5 Games in 1! Ok 3 are very similar. 3 UNIQUE Games in 1!Half Life 2 is a classic at this point and won tons of awards. Even if you’ve beaten it like I have, there’s still new content with the new episodes and even incentive to experience the main quest […]