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The Atari 2600

First Released: Oct 1977 (USA)Gaming Era: Early 8-bit CPU: 1.19 Mhz Cost: $199.99 Sales: ~40 Million Controller: Joystick Death: Jan 1992 Life: 14 years 2 monthsBest Games: Pitfall, Adventure, Breakout, & Pong While there are technically earlier systems…they really were more like computers. Atari is the home console that started it all. Before Nintendo & […]

Video Game Systems Evolution and Pictorial History

Get ready for a serendipitous retrospective look into video game history over the course of the next few months. With 2008 approaching, it’s time to take a look at gaming past. It’s time to remember Neo Geo, 3DO, Atari Jaguar, TurboGrafx 16, and many others. The above picture/chart shows the start of home gaming and […]

Whatever Happened to Battletoads?

Talk about a series dying quickly (probably due to the Double Dragon Crossover)! Battletoads was one of the most graphically impressive and extremely difficult games for the NES. It was made by Rare Ltd. which is interesting since they have gone on to make so many hit games. Is it just me, or did this […]

Hilarious Video Game Quote: Bad Dudes (NES)

This pretty much speaks for itself.It’s from Bad Dudes on NES.

Top 5 Best Video Game Systems EVER

5. Xbox 360 – Modern Graphics, Awesome Online, and the current next-gen console with the most and best games. 4. Playstation 2 – While PSone came out of nowhere and took command of the market, PS2 took the Sony to new heights. Nearly every great next-gen franchise (GTA, DMC, RE, MGS, etc) started on Playstation […]