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Top 5 Scary Halloween Games 2008

So this list is going to focus on more recent scary/dark games that I played over the past year. 5. Psychonauts Not really scary, but for some reason when i think halloween this game comes to mind. The levels are based on people’s nightmares & minds which can be creepy…weird is probably the best description […]

Top 5 Surprises of E3 2008

5. Killzone 2 Multiplayer – Ok, Killzone Multiplayer was expected, but did anyone predict the extensive features? The Badge/class system sounds sweet, great clan support, squadrons, 32 player, medals, trophies, online stat tracking, etc. This game definitely is going to have it all. 4. Bungie Bumped from E3 – This is just a WTF screw-up […]

Metal Gear Solid Series – Top 5 Boss Battles

5. Olga (MGS2) For anyone who’s played MGS2 on Hard, the Olga battle is intense and incredibly challenging. On hard, She becomes a head shot sharpshooter and the battle elevates to Wild West Shooter proportions. Of course this isn’t even taking into account the amazing atmosphere, graphics and weather effects. 4. Fatman (MGS2) An incredibly […]

5 reasons why I returned Quake Wars Enemy Territory after ~30minutes

5. Graphics were bad…some original xbox games look better4. Training taught me….how to fail the first mission3. I never was a Quake fan…and apparently never will be.2. Clunky Controls1. Gameplay sucked…there are sooo many FPS and all are better choices. Even if you like class based soldiers go with Team Fortress 2 over this dud.

The Next 5 Games I’m going to Purchase

5. World of Goo – Gotta support the indie studio 2d boy. I’ve previewed this title and it has a solid premise/gameplay and interesting art. I’m very impressed that these guys are going to get this game on the Nintendo Wii – that could make it very successful. 4. Little Big Planet – This game […]

5 Thoughts on the Gears of War 2 "Assault" Gameplay Video

5. Is chainsaw dueling really a feature needed in this game? In Gears 1, I always felt the first chainsawer won the battle and didn’t really have any problems with it. Dueling is going to work well in multiplayer or make it a button mashing toss-up. 4. Control-wise and gameplay wise it doesn’t look like […]

Top 5 Best Multiplayer or FPS Game Guns & Weapons

5. Gears of War COG Machine Gun with Chainsaw Bayonet Nothing beats sneaking up behind someone to terrify them with the revving of a chainsaw to the throat. This visceral reimagination of melee combat added to Gears’ hype and success 4. Red Faction’s Grenade Launcher / Missile LauncherExplosives in this game rocked! Nothing beats blowing […]


Top 5 Games with Longevity (NextGen)

5. Warhawk4. Hot Shots Golf 53. Puzzle Fighter HD *huge gap* 2. Rock Band1. Halo 3

Gears of War 2 Official- My 5 thoughts

Watch out Sony, Microsoft may have blown their load of AAA titles early, but they still have some tricks up their sleeves. Gears of War 2 is officially coming to the 360 in November. Here’s 5 things I think about the matter: 5. The only thing surprising about this announcement is the fact that the […]