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The 5 Things I think about Playstation 3 after having it a week

5. The SIXAXIS controller if very light, but instantly comfortable and familiar. Not having a battery pack strapped to it is an appreciated feature and the USB charge interface is the same for my Digital camera which means no purchasing of needless accessories. 4. I feel stupid for admitting this, but I do miss Achievements. […]

Top 5 Games to Watch for in 2008

5. Devil May Cry 4 (PS3, Xbox 360) Devil May Cry 4 Jumps the ship from Dante to Nero…which definitely bums me out and makes me sceptical. If they follow the DMC3 formula, here’s a winner. If they mess with it too much (DON’T Get Rid of Styles!) then we may have DMC2 on our […]

Parents Don’t Make these Mistakes! Top 5 Games to Avoid this Holiday Season

5. The Simpsons Game (Xbox360, PS3, PS2, Wii) – While this game is not a total bust, it is a very short lived experience and hardly worth the $60. Unless the person is a super hardcore Simpsons Fan and collector, pass this one up and get then a blockbuster gift card so they can rent […]

Nintendo Wii Holiday Buying Guide – Top 5 Games to Gift

5. Super Paper Mario – Perfect for the RPG fan and the more casual gamer alike. This little gaming gem started on Gamecube, but has solid gamepla and a unique “pop-up” book art style. It also lacks many of the “Wii” gameplay gimmicks. 4. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Perfect for the Nintendo Loyalist […]

Playstation 3 Holiday Buying Guide: Top 5 Games to Gift

5. Assassin’s Creed – Perfect for the Adventure enthusiast and Graphics whore, after all PS3 is the more powerful machine.4. Motorstorm – Perfect for the Racing nut who likes to get down and dirty and enjoys a little more action over finesse in his racing.3. Rock Band – Perfect for the whole family. Read our […]

Xbox 360 Holiday Buying Guide – The Top 5 Games

5. Assassins Creed – Perfect for the Adventure Fan who loves gorgeous graphics and animations. 4. Call of Duty 4 – Perfect for the Action Nut who wants to solve political problems with bullets rather than words. 3. Mass Effect – Perfect for the SciFi Nut and RPG nerd, but approachable for others. Mass Effect […]

Top 5 Best Video Game Systems EVER

5. Xbox 360 – Modern Graphics, Awesome Online, and the current next-gen console with the most and best games. 4. Playstation 2 – While PSone came out of nowhere and took command of the market, PS2 took the Sony to new heights. Nearly every great next-gen franchise (GTA, DMC, RE, MGS, etc) started on Playstation […]

Top 5 Best Power-Ups of all Time

5. Red Turtle Shell (Mario Kart) – while some may argue that some of the newer power-ups usurp the red turtle shell, nothing beat it back in the original Mario Kart. It was the prized possession in nearly every race and battle. In fact, Battle Mode in the original Mario Kart was little more than […]

Top 5 Spooky Games to Play on Halloween

5. Eternal Darkness 4. Doom 3 3. Silent Hill 2. Resident Evil 4 1. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Top 5 Worst Video Game Sequels of All Time

All the included games in this list are Strict Sequels. All of them are the 2nd game in the series. The only exception is one…which IS the direct sequel to the prominent/defining game of the series. 5. Super Mario Bros 2 (NES)- SMB2 while not a terrible game had absolutely nothing in common with the […]