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Grand Theft Auto IV is Out and Breaking Records

We’ll have to wait and see if GTAIV breaks Halo 3’s record for the biggest entertainment release ever, but for the time being Grand Theft Auto is setting Review records. It’s scoring quite high with nearly every magazine. The Xbox 360 Version sits at an average of 99/100 (based on 25 reviews) whereas the Playstation […]

Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween here are a few lame Halloween Jokes: What is a vampire’s favorite holiday?Fangsgiving… What do you call someone who puts poison in a person’s corn flakes?A cereal killer… Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?No, they eat the fingers separately… Videogame wise there will be 27 hours of a spooky Halo […]

TV Trivia Online

Nothing beats winning something for knowing useless facts about TV/Entertainment. That’s exactly what TV Trivia Offers, a chance to win prizes for free and compete with other pop-culture trivia divas online. You have to sign up, which makes sense to be eligible for prizes, but it would be nice to just be able to play […]

The Halo Trilogy – A Deeper Look

Part 1: Theme OverviewOne of the characteristics that make Halo such a phenomenal game series is its story. Unlike a lot of action games and shooters, Halo’s story is not simply about the UNSC vs. the Covenant. It is about humanity’s struggle with religious zealots with vastly superior technology. While there are many intricacies within […]

The new Blog/Digital Magazine Launch this week

This week we will be revealing the regular features that will be released every day of the work week for our revised blog & Digital Magazine. We are still open to suggestions or revisions, but think that most features give us enough flexibility to cover nearly any gaming relating thing that we find interesting. Hope […]

The Blog has been Overhauled!

Gnade Games has been reworked a lot the past couple hours. With the release of Storked quickly approaching (hopefully before Halo 3), changes were needed and the blog needed to be restructured. Here are some of the changes: Less ads/junk all around the posts and content- now there is a more focused effort to feature […]

Submit your Game for Review

Gnade Games features several different types of Reviews: Free Reviews for Independent Games and Fellow Developers* Guaranteed! Timely Paid Reviews through Review Me Current Console/Handheld Game Reviews Retrospective Reviews on overlooked, under appreciated, classic, and retro games If you are looking for a timely and guaranteed review for your title, please use Review Me to […]

Geon: Emoticons Released on Live this Wed 9/19

Geon: Emoticons is described as a fast paced abstract sports game. I thought after reading the description that I would be able to piece together the gameplay after seeing the screenshots…well I still can’t. The game relies heavily on emotions such as fear, melancholy, rage, envy, etc. Couldn’t really tell you how it plays though. […]

Storked Trailer is also up on Gamevideos

I actually think the Gamevideos Trailer turned out better. It seems to have better resolution- which becomes very apparent in full screen mode. Anyway, the storked trailer is up here as well and now the Storked Video Page has officially started and is up on our website (I went with the Gamevideos trailer…it’s just clearer, […]