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Castle Crashers XBLA Review

Castle Crashers finally arrived in late August and has been surrounded by controversy. First, there was the alleged rumored price of $22.50 that caused the internet to erupt in outrage…no worries though, the game is only $15. Then there were the 2 heinous bugs that caused the Behemoth’s devlog and Castle Crashers site to crash. […]

Braid Review

Braid is a very commendable and entralling independent game by Jonathan Blow. First let me start off by saying that screenshots do not do this game justice. While the game is not pushing the graphical power of the Xbox, David Hellman’s art for the game is simply fantastic. The game has a unique water color […]

Puzzle Quest XBLA Review

Puzzle Quest got great reviews and was a good demo, but I could never take the plunge for $15 when everything else on XBLA is $5-10. Well, Microsoft dropped the price and I picked it up and man was I missing out on an addictive game. Puzzle quest is such a simple yet brilliantly executed […]

Rez HD Live Arcade mini Review

[youtube=] Rez HD is a freaking steal at 800 MS points ($10). It is among the best downloadable shooters I have played. The evolution system of your character/virus fighter is great and the way the music and sounds add to the experience makes the game work. The crazy vector graphics look great in HD too. […]

Switchball Mini-Review

Switchball is one of the best looking XBLA titles available (I think Undertow beats it, but that’s it). In addition, it is also a very entertaining and rewarding game. I guess you would call Switchball a puzzle game, but you certainly need some platforming skills to successfully roll your ball to the exit. The gamplay […]

Undertow Live Arcade Mini Review

In short, Undertow is a steal at 800 MS points so enjoy and download away! THE GOOD:3 Different Races, 4 different unitsInteresting Single Player Campaign/Story Gorgeous Graphics 16 Player Multiplayer (with bots) Co-Op Story mode online and split screen Easy to learn Controls Deep Strategy Fantastic Balance and Map Design THE BAD: Campaign is too […]

EXIT Xbox Live Arcade Mini Reveiw

Exit follows Mr. Esc as he attempts to help adults, children, and injured people find an escape to natural disaster situations. There are over 220 levels and of course the standard 200 achievement points. The game is a worthy and interesting platformer / puzzler. It’s graphics and artistic style are great and the sound/music offering […]