Two New Magic Toy Chest Reviews

08 April 2009 | graduate games | Tags:

Our Game has received 2 new reviews.

ThumbGods Raves: “Magic Toychest is a good kid-friendly game, without defaulting to the usual match-3 system of many indie all-ages games.”

and Unigamesity gave it a 4 out of 5, GREAT! Rating saying:

“The Magic Toy Chest a really great title, one you can play 20 minutes per day, just to relax and keep your brain working or 6 hours straight to prove the entire family that you simply rock.”

“No, The Magic Toy chest really works and, with the excuse of making you a better and cleaner person, it manages to entertain you across an endless number of levels – all both mind bending and entertaining, fun and smart.”

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