Updating the Magic Toy Chest

09 December 2008 | graduate games | Tags:

Updating the Magic Toy Chest has taken a lot longer than expected, but after reading our reviews and critiques, I felt that I could easily make improvements to vastly improve the game. Sorry for the lengthy time that this update has taken, but as we worked on it, more and more things were included.

We still don’t have everything done for the update…but we’re very close. Check out the new graphics above (its only the load screen). Anyway, Here’s everything we’ve been able to cram in the update so far:

  • Upgraded Visuals – Brand New backgrounds, Kid Avatars, and tweaked foregrounds
  • New Graphic effects – all foregrounds have a drop shadow to better distinguish themselves from the background
  • New Music – We’ve kept in the old music, but have added over 6 new tracks
  • Quick Reload – hit ‘Q’ to restart the level instantly – NO LOAD TIMES!
  • Trophies! – Visit your bedroom to check out what toy trophies you’ve earned. Work to unlock over 16 trophies by mastering all 80 puzzles and completing specific game achievements
  • Level Tweaks
  • Most importantly all your save files are 100% compatible with the update…so please enjoy and BUY our great game NOW and help us pay for all these great and FREE improvements!

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