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The Legend of Crystal Valley

The Legend of Crystal ValleyEve has returned to her childhood home only to find out that her father is missing! Help Eve track down her father and learn all about The Legend of Crystal Valley by solving complex puzzles.


BoonkaWhen a beautiful and distant land is overrun, the peace that had prevailed for ages is shattered.

Westward III: Gold Rush

Westward III: Gold RushWhen gold is discovered in the Northern California wilderness, speculators flock west in hopes of striking it rich.

Cake Mania 3

Cake Mania 3Jill confronts her greatest challenge yet in Cake Mania 3. As Jill nervously prepares for her wedding day, disaster strikes when a mysterious time bender sends Jill`s family and friends hurtling through time.

Cake Mania 3 Cake Mania 3 Cake Mania 3

Glyph 2

Glyph 2The distant world of Kuros is gripped by the forces of dangerous shadow elements. As an exile, trained in the forces of light and dark, you must harness the energy of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Aether.

Tradewinds Caravans

Tradewinds CaravansGuide six brave heroes on their adventure as they navigate treacherous terrain swarming with bandits. Travel along the bustling and dangerous Silk Road – an ancient trade route stretching from China to the Mediterranean Sea, trading exotic goods and

Eye for Design

Eye for DesignHalle has graduated at the top of her class from the most prestigious interior decorator academy in Paris. Now she`s ready to take the next step and start her own business.

Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier

Westward II: Heroes of the FrontierAfter the settlement of Hope River is destroyed, fleeing residents deliver news of a devastating attack by the Mad Russian. Guide three pioneers as they gather resources, overcome natural disasters and plot a course to uncover the location of the elu

Monster Mash

Monster MashIn Monster Mash, the villagers of Curly Valley are under attack from legions of quirky and bizarre monsters.


BallhallaOne of Professor Quark`s experiments has gone terribly wrong.

Super Granny 4

Super Granny 4Super Granny is back and better than ever! As Super Granny, Kamila and Margaret reminisce about their past adventures, help the ladies navigate exotic locales.