"It's very tangible and makes for a simple but elegant game. If you enjoyed The Incredible Machine as a kid, then I don't see why you also wouldn't enjoy Toy Chest." - Greg Noe, firsthour.net

Game Features:

- 16 Zany and Wacky Toys!
- 100+ Levels
- 15 Achievement Trophies
- 8 different rooms to Explore
- Fully Featured Level Editor
- Physics Based Gameplay


Download the Free Game Demo

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Pick up and use 16 unique and wacky toys across 8 different rooms of the house. Solve over 100 puzzles using the physic and fun actions of each toy. Launch rockets, drive trucks, and fly helicopters into your toy box with simple point & click controls.


"The game is accessible, intuitive, and unimposing, presenting a colorful world full of amusing toys and an extremely basic premise" - Jesse Henning, GameCyte

If you are unsure that your PC will run the game ok, please download and try the demo first.

The demo uses exactly the same code and engine, so if it runs ok, the full game will. If you have any problems ordering the game, or questions, check our our FAQ, read about our guarantee or contact us.


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