Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What the heck is Graduate Games?
A: The short answer is that Graduate Games is an Indie Game Development Studio, if you want more details visit the About Us section.

Q: Is Ordering from Graduate Games Secure?
A: YES! We guarantee you’re safe and 100% secure and we never see your credit card information!  

Q: Is there DRM (Copy Protection) on the full pc versions of your games?
A: NO! Our games are DRM free and you can install your copy of our game on all your computers. 

Q: Are you guys going to sell my email address so I get spam?
A: NO! We hate that too! See our Privacy Policy.

Q: Help, I can’t get my Download to work!
A: Try uninstalling the program, re-downloading the file, and reinstalling.  If that doesn’t work, contact Technical Support.

Q: Are you guys really poor Graduate Students?
A: Not anymore, Mike was a Graduate Student when he came up with the indie game development idea, but he finished up his masters in 2006. Both Mike and Zak have graduated from college, so Graduate Games is made up of grads.  Get it?


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