Pre-Order Best in Show Solitaire - An Addictive Dog Card Game

When Best In Show Solitaire is finished for all platforms, it will sell for $19.95.
If you pre-purchase now, you pay just $14.95!

Why Preorder?

  • You Save 25%! The Full Version will cost $20
  • The Earlier you order, the more you'll Save. More Features = Higher Price
  • You get early access to the game at a discounted price!
  • You'll get the FULL PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game - DRM Free
  • As a small indie, pre-ordering will help support us until we finish the game.
  • Pre-Ordering helps buy Pepper and Marley Treats!

Please note that when you buy the game, you're paying for the game as it is right now! ONLY the PC Version is Finished!

We have no publisher or external investors, so we are in a pretty unique situation where we are getting funded by fans. When you preorder, you get the Mac, Windows, and Linux versions of the game when they are released, and we get 100% of the money (after credit card fees). If you order through Big Fish Games or another portal later on, you will only get that 1 version of the game and we will not get your full support.

Here's What You Get Today:

  • The Full Windows PC Version of the game at a discounted price!
  • Once you've bought the game, it's yours. No DRM.
  • Level Editor Tool (Windows PC)
  • Strategy Guide and Manual (PDF)

Here's What You Get in the future when they are finished:

  • FULL Mac and Linux versions of the game DRM Free

Preorder Best in Show Dog Solitaire

You can add on both of our other games for only $10! That's 3 games for $24.95!

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